GraceNotes: Song Release ‘I Don’t Know Why’ hits #12 on Inspirational Charts

PraiseWorthy – Rachelle Bleakley   Radio Release of “I Don’t Know Why” 
Oct 31, 2014

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PraiseWorthy writer Deborah Wolf teamed up with her sister, recording artist Rachelle Bleakley to reach out to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings with this heart-felt plea to cling to God even when you question “why”.  Deborah was inspired to write “I Don’t Know Why” with a key phrase from one of her favorite writers:   Ann Voskamp pens “I don’t know if legs can hold a heart this heavy” which sparked the song’s real-life struggle of how to reconcile our good God with tragedy, hatred, terrorism, and the like.  What do we do?  Cry.  Weep.  And then fall into the Arms of “Who”, and not “why”.  When Rachelle first heard the song, she knew it was God’s call to share the comfort and peace of God with those who suffered loss in Newtown, CT, and reach out to all who can barely stand to encourage them to just let Jesus Embrace them with His Grace.  Her voice ministers to their brokenness as she yearns to bring God’s healing comfort to their souls.   Psalm 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.  Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.”

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Treble Clef of Praise: Fred – 79 yr old Praising God solo “Let Me Be Jesus”

God has given me a mission to share His truth through music – Psl 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord.” I pray that lives are transformed and God speaks to each person through the message in my songs. It is so exciting to see God work, and to see answered prayer when we follow His leading. He really does show up! I would be remiss if I didn’t share this testimony with you of how God has done that in at least two lives – Fred’s… and mine.

Fred is a 79 old gentleman from S.C. who heard one of my songs – “Let Me Be Jesus To Someone Today” on the radio. I got a call from his wife back in October of 2013 asking if it would be OK if her husband sang my song in church one day. Of course, I was delighted. So I proceeded to send him lyric sheets and background music for his endeavor. He sent me a very sweet Thank You card and advised me that “no song in his 78 years had touched him the way this one did” and that he got choked up just thinking about it. He felt God calling him to sing it in his church. The thing was – he had never even sung in the choir before – much less attempted a solo. But he felt God calling him to step out of his comfort zone and ask the choir director if it would be possible. Six months had passed and I got the below email from Fred.

Good Morning Ms. Wolf. My name is Fred Bxxxx and you responded to an e-mail and a phone call from my wife, Lydia. She told you of my instant love of the song, “Let Me Be Jesus To Someone Today”, and you were kind enough to send me a copy of the song along with the written words, music and even a CD with backup. She said that I was interested in singing it in our little church here in Simpsonville, SC. (Membership 71) There were about 45 members present.

I was so in love with your song that every time I talked about it I broke down in tears. I went to our choir director and asked if he would listen to me and see if he felt I could sing it as a solo. I broke down each time I mentioned it, but he said that it would come. He is an excellent singer with an awesome musical background. I also asked him to coach me in how to give it my best. Which he did.

I finally was able to bring the CD in so he could hear it. A couple of weeks later he asked me to try and sing it. I did. I didn’t cry and he said I needed a little work, but he was sure I could manage singing as soon as I could overcome my emotions. I practiced at home and sang it for the director about every two weeks and made his corrections.

Well I finally gave it my best last Sunday, 2 March. The director, and everyone else in the congregation said I did a great job. I don’t know, but I gave it my all. I was terrified until I stood in the pulpit, then the butterflies went away and I sang as loud as I felt I could without yelling. I was so happy. Lydia, my wife said it was perfect but her view may be a little prejudiced.

There is no way I could possibly say “THANK YOU” enough for helping me with my dream. I am 79 years old and have never even sang in a choir before, much less attempted a solo. I will wait another 79 years because I felt so inadequate, but so happy that you provided me a message to deliver. Something that REALLY spoke to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your generous gift.

I do not know anything about copyright laws, but if there is something I should do please advise me. Again, please accept my sincere thanks for your kindness. Hugs & kisses, prayers & wishes. Fred

Wow!  What a blessing you are Fred!  I asked if I could post his letter to encourage others – no matter what age you are – to step out in faith when God leads you.  I thought this was a beautiful testimony of just how GOD does his thing.  I certainly didn’t plan to reach Fred – he didn’t plan on singing in front of a congregation – and yet GOD decided with two willing followers to accomplish much and bring Glory to His Name!  I am so amazed that Fred was so touched by my song.  And so thankful that he shared his experience of stepping out in faith.  I pray that we all learn a lesson from this fine gentleman.  It doesn’t matter how old we are.  When God choses to work through us – He can make a difference through us!





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Sing for Joy – Daddy escorted to Heaven today

My Daddy,  Frank Szymanski, is now in Heaven with the angels.  His battle with stage 4 colon cancer ended after 9 hard months.  He was so courageous and fought even to his last breathe.  Daddy – I know you are at peace now in the arms of Jesus, but I miss you so much already.  I’m so glad to know that I will see you one day again and this isn’t our final goodbye.
I wrote this song for him last week because he was afraid.  I wanted to be able to comfort him by singing it to… him.  I did sing it to him in his last couple of days, but he was not in a responsive state so I’m not sure he heard it.  Daddy – I hope you heard it, and I hope you know how much I love you.  Thank you for being my Daddy, for loving me, and making me feel special.
SING FOR JOY (dedicated to Frank Szymanski, my Daddy 1/14/14)
On the other side…there’ll be choirs singing
Holy, Holy is His name
On the other side…streets of gold will glisten
And angles shower Him with praise
CHORUS Sing for Joy…Sing for Joy…’Cause you’re going to Heaven
Don’t be afraid…to leave us here alone
God will hold us when we cry
Don’t be afraid…we know you’re going home
And we’ll be with you in His time
One day soon…I’ll be with you
So save a good place for me
‘Cause one day soon…I’ll be in Heaven too
With you for eternity
There’s one more thing…I want you to know
Just before you say goodbye
That one last thing…is how I love you so
Daddy, Daddy, please don’t cry
© 2014 Praiseworthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf
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Word of the Year 2014: JOY

So I start out with my word of the year in 2014 – JOY!!!  Finding JOY!  Spreading JOY!  Choosing JOY!

The dictionary defines JOY as a very glad feeling, happiness, delight.  Anything that causes this.  But my spirit says it is much deeper.  Gripping the very core.  Dwelling with the Sovereign Lord.  Experiencing His peace in all circumstances, no matter what, and relishing each moment because I know it was given to me by God Himself.

JOY!  The Bible shares JOY as an emotion evoked by well-being, success and good fortune; gladness or delight.  Verses like Neh 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is my strength”, and James 1:2 “Consider it joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.”  These were the verses that first came to mind when praying about a scripture verse to go with my new word for 2014.  Or maybe Gal 5:22, JOY, the second of nine fruits of the Spirit.  Or maybe a verse from my favorite book of Romans (15:3) – “May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust Him…”  I love all these verses, but perhaps the Lord is leading me to “Sing for Joy“.  Yes!  That makes my heart smile along with my face.

Thank you Lord for my word of the year and the verse that goes along with it too!  You are so faithful!

Psalms 5:11 “But let all who take refuge in you be glad, let them sing for joy.  Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.”   

Embracing Grace & Joy in 2014!



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Will the Christ Child Come?

I got this on an email but just had to share it with everyone so I found the writer on the internet, Gayle Willis, and her link.  What a beautiful expression of Christmas.  May God Bless you as you expect and watch for the Christ Child to come.

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GraceNotes: What Am I Supposed To Do

Have you ever run into someone casually that just made a deep impression on you?  My neighbor, Lavern, is a sophisticated, polished woman – I’d guess she is probably in her 70’s but you would never know it by looking at her.  I don’t know her well, I just chat with her a few times a year during our annual neighborhood yard sale.  She is normally very upbeat and full of sunshine, but last week she invited me into her beautiful home to show me her garden out back.  She spoke of the loss of her husband several years ago with a heart-wrenching sadness as she questioned her life’s purpose without him.  She inspired this Country Song that I suspect many widows can relate to.  I pray that God comforts those who have lost their life partner and enables them to trust Him until they see one another again.

Verse 1
The bed is empty on your side, And all I do is sit and cry
‘Cause I can’t get you off my mind
And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do without you

The photographs of you and me, the way things always used to be
Making funny faces, kissing at the beach
I don’t know what I’m supposed… to do

And so I’m praying…
God take all the pieces of this broken heart of mine
Keep me safe within your hands until it’s in your time
When I get to go to Heaven to be next to my beloved
The promise that I’ll see him, that’ll have to be enough
In the meantime, ooooooooo  in the meantime  I’ll trust

Verse 2
Hanging clothes that have no life, Reminiscin’ of the days gone by
Doing all I can to keep you alive
‘Cause I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…without you

What should I do with this neon sign, the fishing poles and camping lights
No wonder I can’t get you off my mind
I don’t know what I’m supposed… to do

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
For 50 years I’ve been your wife, You and me been side by side
Now I’m trying just to say goodbye
But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…without you

They say that time will heal my heart, that one day I won’t fall apart
And God just gave you a head start
But I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…without you

Repeat Chorus

© 2013 Praiseworthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf

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Quarter Notes of Prayer: May My Daddy Rest in Your Embrace

My Daddy has been battling Stage 4 Colon Cancer and has been in the hospital since Father’s Day. This song was written a few months ago when I wasn’t sure if he knew the Lord and was praying fervently for his salvation. I praise God and am at peace knowing that he does know Jesus now, but I seek the prayers of all prayer warriors as it hurts so much to see him suffer.

May My Daddy Rest In Your Embrace
(Dedicated to my Daddy – Frank Szymanski)

Comfort his heart…and let him know who you are
Let him see the angels by his side
Give him the hope…that only comes from knowing
The Son of God, the Savior, Jesus Christ

Let him see you sitting on Your Throne
I pray he knows that he is not alone
And as the light shines brightly from Your Face
May my Daddy rest in Your Embrace

Daddy I pray…you know the love of God today
You turn from your own will and know His truth
Put all your faith…in the One who calls your name
He’s reaching out to say “I love you!”


Comfort his heart…and let him know who you are
Father, Holy Spirit, Anointed One
Give him your hand…and help his mind to understand
The Life you give is only from the Son


May My Daddy Rest In Your Embrace

© 2013 PraiseWorthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf

Daddy's 75th Birthday

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