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Rests in music and in life.

Word of the Year 2017 – Abundant

  I used to look back and reflect on the past year and sum up the year with a “word” based on everything that had happened.  Now, a few days before the end of each year, instead of trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day – My Father’s Hand

I was thinking about my Daddy today and how much I miss him on Father’s Day.  Since he’s now enjoying his time with Jesus and the angels I thought I would post this song in his honor.  I wrote it … Continue reading

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Word of the Year 2015: DELIGHT

Happy New Year 2015~ As you may or may not know, I pray about a “word of the year” each year.  I started doing it a few years ago when my friend Kathy and her husband Charles shared their words.  … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Diets

Originally posted on My Story, My Song:
There once was a girl (that’d be me) who took two journeys (that’d be the diets) down very different paths that seemed to lead to a similar destination: un-fulfillment. The first diet I…

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Sing for Joy – Daddy escorted to Heaven today

My Daddy,  Frank Szymanski, is now in Heaven with the angels.  His battle with stage 4 colon cancer ended after 9 hard months.  He was so courageous and fought even to his last breathe.  Daddy – I know you are … Continue reading

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Will the Christ Child Come?

I got this on an email but just had to share it with everyone so I found the writer on the internet, Gayle Willis, and her link.  What a beautiful expression of Christmas.  May God Bless you as you expect … Continue reading

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