Word of the Year 2017 – Abundant



I used to look back and reflect on the past year and sum up the year with a “word” based on everything that had happened.  Now, a few days before the end of each year, instead of trying to figure out what kind of resolutions to create and ultimately break, I pray about what God has in store for me in the new year.  I still thank Him for all He has done, but instead of a reflective word for the past, I ask Him for the “word” in advance.  As a prophecy of what is to come.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to get this “word” from Him each year and to see how it has played out.  You should try it.  Simply ask God to reveal to you a word or short phrase that will sum up what he has for you in the coming year.  Pray and wait for his response and then watch God in action. You will never be the same.

Oh – I also ask for a Bible verse to go with this “word” each year too.  I forgot to mention that.  This part is really important to me as it gives me a scriptural foundation.  So – this year, 2017, I can’t wait to see what God will bring.  My word is “ABUNDANT”.  I got very excited as I pondered the word.  More than enough.  Overflow.  Gobs.  No lack.  Complete.  Plenty.  Then I started to wonder about the deeper meaning.  I wanted my scripture.  Was it OK for me to desire abundance?  To ask God for it?  Not in a name it, claim it way, but could I ask for the abundance of the Holy Spirit?  To live in and through me with abundance.  To overflow out of me?  My scripture confirmed my answer.  Deut. 32:2 “Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like ‘abundant’ rain on tender plants”.  Oh Lord.  Yes – this is perfect for me.  Especially with my songwriting – every song I write, I pray that God leads me to communicate His teaching and that His words fall out of my mouth.  But wait.  That’s not all.  (No – I’m not going to sell you two words for the price of one – hee hee).

I have my word.  I have my scripture.  Next?  Oh Lord, let me have deep revelation on what this means for me in 2017.  This is where it gets frighteningly scary but still so thrilling.  I thought of Abundant.  Rain. from my scripture.  Torrents of Rain.  Gobs of Rain.  Rain for the plants – for the crops to flourish – for the harvest.  Then I listened to this amazing sermon on “The Abundance of Rain” and how Pastor John Jenkins reminded me that in order to have an abundance of rain, there has to be a rain cloud.  A storm.  In order to get a Heavy Rain.  Abundant Rain.  There has to be turbulence in the air to create the friction in the clouds to dump the water out.  Am I still excited knowing a storm is coming?  It sounds weird, but Oh Yes!  Because I know my God is faithful.  I know He will be with me through any storm.  His word, and my 2017 “word” will give me strength and help me prepare.  Rain is coming.  Abundant Rain.  Holy Spirit Fall Like Rain!   Amen?


About Praiseworthy

PraiseWorthy seeks to bless the world with new Christian songs in a variety of genres including CCM, Worship, Gospel, Inspirational Country, Southern Gospel, Christian EDM, Pop, Romantic Love Songs, Wedding Songs, and Instrumentals. We foster relationships between our favorite Worship Leaders, Artists and Songwriters and encourage collaboration to bring the heart of God into each song. PraiseWorthy provides music licensing opportunities for Church Worship, Artist and Worship Team Recording, Film and TV as well as Streaming, Web Services and other Projects. We also write custom songs specifically for your church, conference or event so if you'd like a Worship song to go along with your message or sermon series and just can't seem to find the right one let's create a new one together.
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