Word of the Year 2015: DELIGHT

Happy New Year 2015~ As you may or may not know, I pray about a “word of the year” each year.  I started doing it a few years ago when my friend Kathy and her husband Charles shared their words.  They take a look at the past year and reflect on the theme or message God has shown them throughout the year, and then share the word and insights.  It is very powerful. I started my own “word of the year” several years ago, but then I switched it up.  Instead of reflecting on the past, I thought why not pray about what God wants to say about the future year (as revolutionary as it sounded to me at the time, I do realize this is not a new concept or tradition, but the excitement of applying it to my own personal walk with the Lord, made it feel that way).

So, my first future word was in 2013 –  “Havre de Grace”.  I think back now and smile at that one – how in the world did I ever get that??  God of course, but the whole “Havre de” part.  haha.  (you can read about that word in my 2013 Word of the Year blog if you want).  And oh there was such a revelation of Grace that year.  It really was my haven.  Last year, my word was “JOY”.  I guess God knew I needed more of it.  Finding JOY in “everything” is hard so instead I just tried to keep my focus off of “everything” and on the One that gave me JOY instead.  Jesus.  I’m not saying that was easy either as there are so many things that vie for attention.  But He surely did bring JOY!

So now for this year.  2015.  The word — “DELIGHT”.  The application?  Well, for starters I couldn’t pass that word by without thinking about Psalm 37:4 “DELIGHT yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  But the Lord wouldn’t release just that aspect of the word to me so as I researched “DELIGHT” in the Bible and concordance, I found another angle that truly brought tears (yep — of JOY) to my eyes.   He surely wants us to “DELIGHT” in Him but do you realize how many times He “DELIGHTS” in us.  I can’t imagine why.  With all our faithless disobedience, self-centered pride, selfish ambition…but he does.  Prov 11:20 says “…the Lord DELIGHTS in those whose ways are blameless.”  Prov 12:22 “…but he DELIGHTS in people who are trustworthy.”  Prov 14:35 “A king delights in a wise servant.”  The cool thing is – He DELIGHTS in me.  He DELIGHTS in you if you are his child.  Just because.   That’s just the way he is.   He is GOD.  I don’t understand it either but the challenge will be to rest in his DELIGHT.  I’ll be praying for you too — that you are a “DELIGHT” and that you know God is “DELIGHTED” in you too!

Embracing Grace One Note at a Time and have a “DELIGHTFUL” year!


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