Bass Clef of Worship: Singing Glory To Our God


Last year I did a short Advent Bible study called “The Scriptures Sing of Christmas” by J. Ellsworth Kalas.  I wanted to be sure that with all the hustle and bustle during the pre-Christmas season, that I could carve out some time just to focus on Jesus.  After all, that is what the celebration is about anyway.

“Singing Glory To Our God” was a song birthed as a result of the 4 week study.  It took me to a new place of humility – one of a shepherd…who was honored to be at the original Concert in the Field (chap 2 of the study).  As I put myself in the place of this lowly one tending the sheep, I realized that I too, just wanted to run straight to the King and fall on my knees and cry out to God my Savior.  I wanted to bring something of worth, like the three wise men, but I had nothing.  No gold, frankinsense or myrrh.  So the Lord gave me this song to bring, along with my heart that sings.

Speaking of singing.  I normally only write the songs and get professional vocal artists to record them.  I know some pretty fantastic singers like my Mom who is an opera singer, and my sister, Rachelle Bleakley whom God has blessed with an amazing voice, and even my niece Rebecca who sounds like an angel.  But this song was different.  I write about a humble heart, but then I’m too prideful to not sound like a “star”?  Hummm.  Well, I am not the super star vocalist, that’s for sure.  But that’s OK.  Jesus IS.  He’s the one I’m singing too anyway.  So may this song encourage You to sing to Him too!  During this Christmas season, lift up your voice in praise and sing “Glory To Our God”.

Embracing Grace One Note at a Time,                                                                                                 Deb


VERSE 1        
A bright star led the way, to the Bethlehem babe
And Love came down among us
In the cradle of hay, we see the Christ lay
The Word became flesh, at Christmas

What can a shepherd possibly bring, to a King who reigns on high
But a humble heart, wrapped in adoration, and a song of joy and delight

Singing Glory to our God…Singing Glory to our God
Singing Glory to our God on high

Singing Glory to our God…Singing Glory to our God
Singing Glory to our God on high
VERSE 2        
We run straight to the King, and fall on our knees        
We cry out to God our Savior
Heaven’s angels sing, of God’s glory and peace
And adore the babe in a manger


The wise men were told, and brought treasures of gold        
To honor the Holy King
But nothing I hold, is dear to behold
My gift is a heart that sings

What can this shepherd possibly give, to the King who reigns in my life
I bring a humble heart, wrapped in adoration, and my song of joy and delight


© 2013 Praiseworthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf


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