Quarter Notes of Prayer: Daily Prayer (Lord I Need Your Spirit)


Early in the morning, when I come to you in prayer
Seeking wisdom, truth and guidance, for this day you have prepared
In the quiet of the moment, that I’m blessed to spend with you
Open up my eyes Lord, and lead me by your truth

Lord I need your Spirit
To walk in all your ways
To walk in faith and not in fear
To lift my voice in praise

Lord I need your Spirit
‘Cause I can’t walk on my own
Empty me of pride and doubt
And lead me to your throne

In my daily walk and journey, may your Spirit shine through me
May the power of your love, be all that people see
May the words you spoke to me in prayer, be revealed throughout the land
And may all your people everywhere, follow your commands

Lord we need your Spirit
To walk in all your ways
To walk in faith and not in fear
To lift our voice in praise

Lord we need your Spirit
‘Cause we can’t walk on our own
Empty us of pride and doubt
And lead us to your throne

And as I pray for all your people, across the nations far and near
I ask for peace between us Lord, that we would walk in love not fear
That we would elect leaders that heed the words you say
Who walk with you in Holy fear, and trust you each and every day


© 2012 Praiseworthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf


About Praiseworthy

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