Treble Clef of Praise: Simply In Love

This song was written as an artistic writer’s challenge.  The idea was to write a song to express your relationship with Jesus but without using the words Jesus, God, Cross, Blood, or any direct Christian reference.  At first I thought – why would I even want to do that?  I mean, why would I want to write a song about Jesus and not use his name?  But then it dawned on me that a lot of Christian songs reflect worship and awe of our awesome God, but often times unbelievers don’t get the “Christianese”.  Words like redemption, justification, santification, even surrender are tough concepts to grasp so the challenge was to use plain old English to describe a relationship with God.  This song is the result of that challenge.


Verse 1
I’m in love with a man from Nazareth…Who caresses my heart
He put a ring on my hand, and holds me with…His strong and tender arms
I’m in love……Simply in love

Verse 2
I’m in love with the One who calls my name… And whispers secrets in my ear
The laughter, the fun, the joy each day… Reminds me He is near
I’m in love……Simply in love

I’m in love….Simply in love with Him
He’s the author of my soul
I’m in love…Simply in love with Him
He completed me, He made me whole
I’m in love….Simply in love
I’m in love….Simply in love
I’m in love….Simply in love with Him

Verse 3
I’m in love with the sound of every word… That rolls from His tongue      
I’ve been crowned as His bride, I’ve been reassured… Our new life has begun
I’m in love……Simply in love

Verse 4
I’m in love with the life he breaths in me…And the passion from His eyes 
The kindness that always seems to be…so radiant and light
I’m in love……Simply in love

Repeat Chorus

© 2013 Praiseworthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf


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