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2013 –1/1/2013

I started picking a “Word of the Year” a few years ago when my friend Kathy explained how she and her husband did it every year to reflect on the past year and see what God had taught them through the events and circumstances.  I have been choosing words each year since then and have really enjoyed what God has shown me.  This year, though, after I selected my word “Embrace” for 2012, I read one of my favorite authors Ann Voskamp’s blog, and the Lord gave me another “twist” to this “Word of the Year” activity that I’ve enjoyed for a few years now.  Ann actually picks a word for the “New Year” in preparation for what she believes God is doing as he moves us forward.

So rather than just reflect on the past, I thought it would be very cool to pray about the future this year – how is God going to work in and through me this year?  The words “Revolutionary Grace” came to mind immediately – as I believe God has called me to share the message of Grace with others so that they too may know His transforming love and the freedom found in knowing who they are in Christ.  But that wasn’t “The” Word quite yet.  I looked up Revolutionary Grace on the internet and found a few things of interest but one really stood out – “Havre de Grace” – a little town in MD – named after the French city Le Havre de Grace.  This city was a contender for the US Capital
in 1789 but Washington DC took the prize with one vote.  What really hooked me, though, was that on May 3rd (my birthday), during the War of 1812 (not my birthday year just in case you were wondering), Havre de Grace was attacked by the British and defended by an American Lieutenant who single-handedly manned the cannon.  To honor John O’Neill, the city of Havre de
Grace made him hereditary keeper of the Concord Point Lighthouse.  Oh, did I mention that I love Lighthouses and how they are a beacon to the lost and that one of the first Christian songs I wrote was called “The Lighthouse”?  But still, even with the Lighthouse, and reference to my birthday, that wasn’t the clincher for why “Havre de Grace” is my word for 2013 – It is because of the
translation:  “Haven of Grace”.  Ooooohhh Lord, you are so good.  After such a tumultuous past few years dealing with my husband and his addictions, lying, and unemployment, the “Haven of Grace” gave me the peace to know that it is in His Grace there is safety.  In His Grace there is safe harbor.  In His Grace, I am protected from the storms of life.  Oh, Thank You Lord for your mercy and for this wonderful word for 2013 – “Havre de Grace”.

There is was – my proverbial “hot fudge sundae” with whipped cream and everything and then God even goes one further and plops a cherry right on top with a confirmation Bible verse that goes with my 2013 word.  Psalm
107:30 “They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired
haven.”  He is so faithful!

HAPPY NEW YEAR  — May God reveal His Son as the “Havre de Grace” to you in 2013!


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