The Re-Word Song

A lot of the songs I write are based on real-life experiences or stem from my personal quiet time with the Lord. The LET US REJOICE/OUR GOD REIGNS song, affectionately known as “The Re-Word Song” was birthed as the result of a challenge from one of the ladies in my Grace Group. We were studying positive, uplifting and encouraging words that started with “Re”. We came up with tons – Redemptions, Rejoice, Reward, Resurrection. One of the girls looked right at me and said “Debbi, you should write us a song with “All” the Re-Words.” “ALL” of them? Hummm. OK – so you know some songs are just for fun — we laughed and giggled and Re-Joiced in singing our “Re-Word” song… See if you can find all the Re-Words.


Verse 1
Let us Rejoice in Remembering the Redemption on the cross
And the King who Rescued us from despair
Let us Rejoice in Relationship for we are saved, not lost
Because of the blood of Jesus, we were spared

Our God Reigns
Over death and destruction
He is Ruler, He is Refuge, He is Real
Our God Reigns
Over debt and depression
And His Resurrected life Reveals…..
That Our God Reigns
(2nd Chorus add Let us Rejoice for Our God Reigns)

Verse 2
So Let us Rejoice in Restoration and the Renewing of our minds
For the Lord has Reclaimed us from defeat
Let us Rejoice in Repentance and the Refreshment that we find
For His work on the cross was complete

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Let us Rejoice when we Respond, and Receive the Reward of life
And Rest in knowing we’re Rectified
And as we Resolve to Reflect the Remarkable Jesus Christ
May the Re-Word Rekindle…the fire of Revival

May it lift our hearts in praise as we Rejoice
Our God Reigns so we…Rejoice

© 2010 Praiseworthy Publishing
Deborah Wolf

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